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Laniakea or infinite bliss: etching materials and minds

*Laniakea, a colourful 3D exercise enabling the creative implementation of most SGM solutions.* Combined and […]

*Laniakea, a colourful 3D exercise enabling the creative implementation of most SGM solutions.* Combined and magnified to serve a theme that leaves room for poetry and pure beauty, these techniques offer creative minds and artists an infinite palette of colours conducive to not only etching materials but also the spirit and the mind. Laniakea is a Hawaiian word meaning immense celestial horizon or limitless paradise. Laniakea, the immeasurable skies of a people who were great navigators of the stars, scrutinising galaxies And, most importantly, nevering lose the salutary north. Laniakea or the infinite bliss, a beautiful night at sea lying in a dugout, looking up at the night sky, thoughts wandering, head in the clouds. Laniakea or the infinity of the world, or the infinity of the heavens, or the infinity of the gods. Laniakea makes us think, Laniakea gives us dreams, Laniakea breathes, Laniakea inspires. Infinite bliss. Back on earth, we open our eyes and are surprised: Laniakea again, Laniakea everywhere,

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Laniakea forges us, Laniakea creates us, Laniakea is among us and within us. *Spiral, fractal, and labyrinth, reflections in double memory and reverberations; what governs up there shapes down here.* Cosmic immensities or elementary masses, the infinite variations of forms and reverberations sets sumptuous paintings for a time, fades and disappears, and links up to another wonder that leaves us open-mouthed and speechless. Cast off the canoe, lose the salutary north, and sail allowing the winds and currents to guide us towards the limitless paradise. Laniakea, infinite beauty awaits us.

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